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Firehorse Trial Consulting, LLC

Science + Art + Experience

Firehorse Trial Consulting, LLC is a national jury research and litigation consulting firm providing value-added insights on cases of all sizes.

Out-Prepare the Other Side

…with the expertise of Firehorse trial consultants. Firehorse identifies case weaknesses to solve them at the jury level and thereby enhance the probability of our clients' success.
Combined, Dr. Cindy Andrews and her Firehorse team have worked on thousands of cases in 47 states, Puerto Rico, and the USVIs. The Firehorse team has expertise in jury psychology, decision-making, persuasion, research design, methods and statistics.
Firehorse uses the most scientifically robust mock jury research design and methods, thereby providing valid and reliable results and sound strategic recommendations. Every research and consulting protocol is tailored to meet clients’ needs and budgets. Firehorse analyzes quantitative and qualitative data and is proud to generate research reports that provide strategic direction for mediation and/or trial.